Countdown, Cravings and Continued Weight Loss

  • Chemo – 5 of 7 Changed to 5 – Complete!
  • Radiation – 24 of 33 Only 9 left
  • Weight – 148 lbs / Down 25 lbs from pre-treatment peak.

I went to Chemo on Monday morning and met with Dr Gillison. Because of my rapid weight loss, nausea and vomiting he felt that stopping the chemo would be for the best. He said that by completing 5 of the 7 chemo infusions we have accomplished the goal. There would not be much benefit if any by completing the last 2 sessions. This was great news to me. Nine more radiation treatments left then we can focus completely on recovery.

I’ve been dreaming about food. I have these cravings that last for days. It’s mostly fruit which is weird because I’ve never been a big fruit eater. I’m more of a steak and taters lover. All I can think about are things like an ice cold glass of orange juice, a mango smoothie, or these awesome fresh fruit cocktail drinks we use to get in Kuwait at a juice stand next to our apartment. At this point I’d settle for some grape Kool-Aid. I only have to wait for the burning in my mouth to go away, my ability to swallow to improve and my taste buds to return which could be months. Can’t wait!

In the meantime, I’ll continue pushing Ensure and Pedialyte directly into my stomach with a big plastic syringe.

The Tube is currently my lifeline


My neck is on fire!
Looking a little overdone

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