Out of the Hospital and Back On Track

  • Chemo – 5 of 7 Only 2 left
  • Radiation – 19 of 33 Only 14 left
  • Weight – 160.2 lbs

I got released from the hospital yesterday afternoon with my new feeding tube and a plan to get through the rest of my treatments. After starving for 4 days it was actually a relief to pump a few hundred calories straight into my stomach with a syringe that looks like it was made for basting turkeys. I made it to radiation today for treatment number 19. I have 14 left. I missed my Chemo yesterday so that will set me back a week. I still have 2 to go.

We met a great nurse at the Hospital who really gave us a lot of great information. Her husband recently went through the same radiation treatments with my Oncologist, Dr Ferraro. His cancer got into his jaw as a result of chewing tobacco for 30 years. They removed his jaw and replaced it with a fabricated jaw made from the bone in his lower leg. He had the feeding tube and went through the 7 weeks of radiation. He is now 3 months post treatment. He looks like he lost an incredible amount of weight but he’s starting to get his taste buds back and is doing pretty well. That gives me hope.

There was another really great nurse from Morocco who showed us all about the feeding tube, how to use it, how much to put in it, how often, etc. She was excited to learn that May is from Egypt it was like she found a long lost friend in a city full of strangers. May and I hope we see her again under better circumstances. She is a really nice person.

  • Feeding Tube – Check
  • Pain Killers – Check
  • Cases of Jevity to put in my Tube – Check
  • Great support team – Check
  • Determination to get through this and get my life back – Check

Looks like I have everything I need to get through this. Thanks to everyone for your support.

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