Last Full Week of Radiation

  • Chemo – Complete!
  • Radiation – 31 of 33 Only 2 left
  • Weight – 147.2 lbs / Down 26 lbs from pre-treatment peak.

Tuesday will be my last Radiation treatment. I can’t wait to ring that bell and start the healing process. I’ve been trying hard to increase my calorie and protein intake to expedite the healing process. It’s really important to stay hydrated and keep those kidneys flushed. Water! Water! Water!

I can’t wait to get some taste back, get rid of the awful mucous buildup and start producing some regular saliva. I’d also like to heal the burns on my neck and stop my tongue from burning all the time but don’t want to appear too demanding.

This is the IMRT radiation machine where I get my daily treatments.

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