Results From CT Scan

Wow! What an emotional rollercoaster.

Last Tuesday I had a followup CT Scan. The results were uploaded to my “Follow My Health” account online yesterday. The results showed “There is a new ground-glass nodule within the left upper lobe measuring up to 14 mm”. Followed by: 1. New spiculated area of ground-glass within the left upper lobe which may be infectious or inflammatory.

I started wondering if this means the cancer has spread from my tonsils and lymph nodes to my lungs? Dr Gillison told me months ago that if it metastasized to my lungs it would be considered Stage IV and there wouldn’t be much they could do for me. May and I were freaked out by the report.

I wasn’t scheduled to see the Dr. to discuss the CT scan results until next week. I called the office first thing this morning and explained that I had seen the report and needed to get in to discuss it as soon as possible. They called back and got me in at 10:30 am today. He explained that we needed to do another scan in 6 weeks and see if it grows, stays the same, shrinks or disappears. This will give us much better idea of what’s going on. If it’s bigger we’ll do a biopsy. If it stays the same or shrinks we’ll keep an eye on it. If it’s gone we won’t worry about it.

He felt that it is more likely that it is from infection rather than cancerous. I told him that I had read that “spiculated” often means it is malignant. He said that the image was not spiculated and didn’t know why that was in the report. He said that it was what they refer to as ground-glass which is cloudy rather than solid. Though not 100%, this is typical of infections.

Now I’m waiting for another scan in 6 weeks and another few days for the results.

Just when you think your in the clear. Nope!

Still waiting.

4 thoughts on “Results From CT Scan

  1. He’ll you could do without that. I had two pulmonary nodules that freaked me out but they were the same size three months later. Lots of older people get them and they are due to some sort of past infection. We have 16 week PET/CTs here in the uk and no routine follow up CTs at any time. Just a scope up the nose 😖 Hang on in there. It’s extremely rare for HPV to metastasise you lungs.

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