Six Months Post Treatment

Weight: 158.4

Today marks 6 months since my last radiation treatment. A lot has changed since then. I feel great. I eat anything I want. Food tastes like food again. I still have dry mouth but it has improved considerably.

I seem to have more energy now than I did even before I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. I’m not sure if the cancer was making me feel tired all of the time or if the look into my own mortality has made me appreciate everything more. Either way, I’ve never felt better.

Following up with the Oncologist next Friday about the results from the CT scan I had Tuesday. I’m expecting everything will be normal.

9 thoughts on “Six Months Post Treatment

  1. Hello Dave,

    Greetings from South Carolina and a fellow head and neck cancer survivor. I hope your CT results will be negative. I have similar history to what you have been going through.

    This coming May 8, I will be a 23 year head and neck cancer survivor. My stage 3 squamous cell cancer primary site was on the base of my tongue and had metastasized to 3 lymph nodes in my neck. Had radical neck dissection surgery and 37 radiation treatments. I have had some issues from the surgery and radiation treatments but I am living a full life. A stent was placed in my right carotid artery 14 years ago and I also had to go on a feeding tube 7 1/2 years ago. I had to go on a feeding tube due to 4 aspiration pneumonias. Here’s a link to a live 30 minute radio interview I did in Dec 2015 which tells some of my story.

    I wish you well !


  2. Just spotted your blog and read all the way through it. Well done for surviving and letting other people know that this thing is beatable. I’m a fellow sufferer 13 months out of radiotherapy.


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