Rough Couple of Days

  • Chemo 2 of 8
  • Radiation 4 of 33
  • Weight 171 lbs

I’ve been nauseous and fatigued since chemo on Tuesday. The chemo has made everything taste bad and all milk tastes spoiled. I have no appetite but am trying to force myself to eat. It’s been difficult to keep anything down. It was really hard to lie on the table with the radiation mask on while feeling nauseous. I managed to get through 4 treatments this week. The rash from the chemo is out of control.

May called Dr Gillisons office and got them to prescribe anti nausea medication. I took one earlier today and one this evening and it is definitely making a difference. I managed to eat some noodle soup and it stayed down. 6 more chemo treatments and 29 more radiation treatments left. It seems so far away right now knowing things will continue to get worse and recovery is a long process.

I’ll have Saturday and Sunday without any treatments. I’m hoping to start feeling better before the next chemo wipes me out. one day at a time.

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