First Radiation and Second Chemo

  • Chemo 2 of 8
  • Radiation 1 of 33
  • Weight 172 lbs

I had my second round of chemo this morning. Everything went fine but I hate the Benadryl feeling. It makes me foggy and tired all day. I finished chemo at 2pm and went to radiation at 3pm. I was feeling a feeling a little nauseous after chemo which made it difficult to lay still with my head strapped to the table for radiation.

The rash from the chemo showed up on Monday. I was told from the beginning that I would probably develop a pimple type rash like a teenager. I’m thinking maybe if the teenager had leprosy! It’s mostly on my chest with some on my face and scalp. Today Dr. Gillison gave me a prescription for a mild antibiotic and a cream to help with the itching. So far it’s not itching too bad but it feels like burning in a few spots on my face.

Radiation treatments will be daily now with the exception of weekends.

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