3 Weeks Post Radiation Treatment

Weight: 153.8

I feel like I’ve turned a corner. The burns on my neck are starting to heal but still there, my throat is not as sore as it was but still uncomfortable. I feel much better than last week. I have good days followed by bad ones which is weird. It’s more of a two step forward one step back type of progression. It is slow. The improvement from one day to the next isn’t noticeable but week to week it is.

last week I put salt in my mouth to see if I could taste it. I followed that with sugar. I couldn’t taste either of them. They both tasted like I had sand in my mouth. I did it again today and the taste was very faint but I could definitely tell the difference between them. This is really exciting. The sooner I can start eating, the sooner I can get rid of the feeding tube and start getting back to normal.

Last Weekend Before Treatment

A great carefree weekend before the battle starts

A bad round of golf is better than a good round of Chemo!

May and I had a great time having drinks with friends on Friday night. That’s something we haven’t done in awhile. It was so nice to kick back and have some laughs and a few beers (actually a few too many but oh well). Thanks Troy and Heather, it was fun. On Saturday enjoyed a drive with May and my Mom then had a nice Harley ride in the afternoon. On Sunday we met up with Troy and Heather again and played a round of golf.

It was so good to just forget about the cancer for a bit and feel like my old self before all of the scans, biopsies, diagnosis, treatment plans and uncertainty started. Tuesday brings the start of the chemo treatments, and radiation soon after. I’m so thankful to have such a great support system. May and my Mom go with me to all of my appointments and make sure I’m doing what the Doctors say. My friends and family are always encouraging and keeping me upbeat. I have a strong will and am determined to do a lot of cool things with my life before it’s over. This is just a setback before the next chapter begins.